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Tips to Help You Finance Your LASIK

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LASIK has the power to improve your life permanently and has already done so for millions of Americans. However, while LASIK certainly has some spectacular benefits, the cost may seem a little hard to swallow. LASIK can indeed cost upwards of $2,000 per eye, and many people simply cannot afford it. Or so they think…. Read More

Are There Different Types of LASIK?

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While LASIK is often portrayed as a magical, one-size-fits-all procedure, that is not entirely accurate. While the results may certainly seem magical, there are actually many different varieties of LASIK. They are all successful due to the amazing technology that has been developed specifically to make safe and effective, they are just altered in certain… Read More

Choosing the Right LASIK Surgeon Is Important

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While LASIK is considered one of the safest surgeries out there, it is first and foremost just that – a surgery. All surgeries and operations have an inherent risk of complications, it comes with the invasive nature of surgery. LASIK itself is very minimally invasive, but it is nevertheless crucial to make sure your LASIK… Read More

4 Things You Should Know About Cataracts

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Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world: Currently, cataracts affect more than 22 million people in the United States that are above the age of 40. Worldwide there are more cataract cases than macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy combined according to Prevent Blindness America (BPA). There are several symptoms of cataracts:… Read More


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