Choosing the Right LASIK Surgeon Is Important


While LASIK is considered one of the safest surgeries out there, it is first and foremost just that – a surgery. All surgeries and operations have an inherent risk of complications, it comes with the invasive nature of surgery. LASIK itself is very minimally invasive, but it is nevertheless crucial to make sure your LASIK doctor is right for the job. Here’s what to watch out for when you’re looking for a surgeon.

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Proper Certification and Licensing

At the bare minimum, your doctor needs to be licensed by the state to practice medicine. You also should ask about his or her board certifications in their specialty (LASIK in this case). It’s very important that your surgeon has put the time and effort into learning how to responsibly handle your eyesight, something that is incredibly important.

Plenty of Real Life Experience

While it’s absolutely necessary to have all of the licensing and certifications, actual experience is the tell all of whether or not your doctor is the best for the job. For example, Dr. Carter has performed countless surgeries at his practice in Dallas, TX since 1986. He is regarded as one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in all of North Texas. Since your eyes are unique, be sure your LASIK surgeon is skilled enough to accommodate your needs.

Positive Patient Feedback

Experience is indeed important, but none of it matters unless there have been positive experiences from the patient side. Look for reviews that detail the professionalism and organization of the practice’s staff and the results from the actual surgery. A great place to start is the testimonial section that most practices have. As an added bonus to many positive reviews from patients, Dr. Carter has been entrusted with the eyes many celebrity and NFL legends, including Troy Aikman!

Well Maintained and Cutting Edge Technology

A tool is only as good as the person using it, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a standard when it comes to medical technology. LASIK doctors need to be well informed on the latest trends in eye care technology, and should be able to offer you the safest and most reliable surgery that they can offer. Today, the standard is in CustomVue and Wavefront Technology. Since your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint, it’s becoming ever more apparent that there needs to be an inhuman level of precision when it comes to altering them. In the past, LASIK was done based off of your prescription alone, but today highly specialized computers allow us to create a map of your cornea that is unique to you. Dr. Carter uses such technology to give you the best possible outcome from your LASIK surgery.

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