Tips to Help You Finance Your LASIK


LASIK has the power to improve your life permanently and has already done so for millions of Americans. However, while LASIK certainly has some spectacular benefits, the cost may seem a little hard to swallow. LASIK can indeed cost upwards of $2,000 per eye, and many people simply cannot afford it. Or so they think.

While the upfront price of LASIK may have you sweating, there are a variety of ways to help you chop it up it into bite-size pieces and even ways to bring the total cost down, saving you hundreds!

CareCredit Card

$4,000 (the average cost of LASIK) is a lot to save up for, and when it comes to living your life with its true vision potential, it can be difficult to wait. That’s why at Carter Eye Center in Dallas, Texas we are excited to offer patients the opportunity to use CareCredit to help finance their dream surgery. CareCredit allows you to eliminate the large lump expense, and instead make smaller and more manageable monthly payments toward your treatment.

Flex Spending Accounts

One of the best ways to save on LASIK is to use this method. Check with your employer and see if they offer a flex spending account, or FSA, as part of your employee benefits. This will allow you to set pre-tax money aside with each paycheck, then use that money towards certain uncovered medical expenses such as LASIK. This will allow you to directly save your tax percentage on LASIK. Be warned though, many FSAs have limits on how much you can put into them, and you must use the all funds by the end of the plan year. Make sure to plan accordingly, and check with your employer to make sure LASIK is considered as an eligible expense for your flex spending account.

You May Be Able to Claim LASIK on Your Tax Return

Depending on factors such as income and necessity, you may be able to deduct LASIK as a medical expense on your taxes. You can only claim so many medical expenses on your tax return, so you may want to consider planning ahead if possible. If you are interested in claiming LASIK as a medical expense, you will need to forgo the standard deduction on your taxes and itemize everything. We recommend consulting a professional if you are not comfortable doing taxes on your own.

LASIK Is Worth It

LASIK provides a priceless enhancement to your life. The ability to see without needing glasses is a simple, but powerful freedom that will change your life forever and has already for so many. Paying for LASIK may seem intimidating, but it actually may be easier than it seems. Contact Carter Eye Center to schedule your Dallas, TX LASIK consultation today!


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