Is It Too Late to Get LASIK?

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LASIK improves hundreds of thousands of lives every year. Those who get the treatment enjoy better sight, better comfort, and a better lifestyle. However, not everybody needs LASIK or are aware of its benefits until they are older. Many medical procedures cannot be performed on older patients due to an increase in risk factors that are associated with age. This leads many to believe that LASIK follows similar rules. So the question is, is this the case with LASIK?

Is It Too Late?

The answer is no. There is no upper age limit for those considering LASIK. There have been many cases of patients older than 70 receiving the treatment, with very successful results. Most people don’t wait that long to get the treatment, but it can and does happen.

While LASIK doesn’t treat for presbyopia, which is age related nearsightedness, there are other similar surgeries that can be performed to virtually the same degree of success and safety. Something called an IOL (or Intraocular Lens) can be implanted to synthetically repair vision. Click here to learn more about presbyopia, and how residents of Dallas, Texas can get the best treatment from Carter Eye Center.

What Will Affect My Ability to Get LASIK?

Many things can determine whether or not you are a good candidate for LASIK. Age is a big qualifier, and if that sounds contradictory to what you just read, don’t worry. While there is no upper age limit to be qualified for LASIK, there is a lower age limit. The FDA has approved LASIK for those older than 18 years, however it is generally recommended to wait until at least 21 years old. This is because while you grow, your eyes can be susceptible to many rapid changes in prescription than can alter the outcome of the surgery. In other words, if you were allowed to have LASIK performed when you were 16 years old, it could very likely be totally ineffective by the time you are 21 years old.

Other limiting factors include eye factors such as the dimensions of your cornea or eye injuries, medical conditions such as diabetes or autoimmune diseases, pregnancy or anything else that results in rapid hormonal changes, and the willingness to follow through with pre-op and post-op procedures such as not wearing contacts for about a month prior to the surgery.

The best and most effective way to find out if LASIK is right for you is to visit a trusted eyecare professional and receive a consultation. Carter Eye Center in Dallas is ready to tend to your eyecare needs with a fully experienced staff. Contact us here to set up an appointment!


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