5 Fun Things to Do in Texas After You Get LASIK


LASIK can restore your vision and allow you to experience fantastic new adventures that are otherwise impossible or significantly less fun with the need to be reliant on glasses or contacts. Texas is a large state, but it is packed with fun things to do and beautiful sites to see. Here’s just a taste of some of these amazing places!

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Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

What better way to celebrate the new you than by visiting a colorful nature preserve? Right here in our hometown of Dallas, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is considered to be one of the best arboretums worldwide. It spans across 66 acres and includes a laboratory. You’ll never have to worry about stopping to clean your glasses, even with all that pollen floating around!

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

The Six Flags in San Antonio includes gut-wrenching roller coasters like The Iron Rattler, classic theme park thrills like the Whirligig, and of course delicious food! There’s even plenty of rides for the kids (or if the idea of flying through the air at 50 mph doesn’t exactly thrill you). Take in the breathtaking view from atop it’s 90ft Ferris wheel, without having to worry about dropping your glasses or contacts off the side. Imagine what a waste it would be to get there and immediately lose your ability to see!

Museum of Fine Arts in Houston

There’s nothing better than flexing your culture muscles. Appreciate all of the intricate details of antique paintings and sculptures from all around the world, and view beautiful and painstakingly crafted modern art with your own eyes. At the same time, you can experiment with new styles of clothing, now that you aren’t limited by your glasses!

Big Bend National Park

The natural rock formations such as the Chisos mountain range and the Santa Elena Canyon will provide a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. If you enjoy the outdoors, then this is the destination for you. Go on a day hike or bike through the park, or if it’s too hot for you, simply drive along the scenic roads or kayak down a river! This trip is a little bit out of the way to say the least- about an 8 hour drive from Dallas. You may be incentivized to fly there instead, and you know what one of the worst parts of flying is? If you thought inevitably forgetting or losing your glasses and/or contacts, you’re right! After LASIK, packing for travel will become significantly less stressful

It’s time to get started on improving your vision for good. Luckily, setting up an appointment is easy. So don’t wait any longer, contact our Dallas office to schedule your LASIK consultation today!


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