4 LASIK Myths and the Truth Behind Them


Surgery is frightening and there is no lack of superstition surrounding just about any procedure that you can think of. LASIK is no exception, and it is easy to see why there could be so many misconceptions. It uses cutting edge technology, which some may think is unsafe or untested, and when you are dealing with something as important as eyesight, it can be hard to trust anyone.

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Rest assured, LASIK is an incredibly safe and effective surgery. Here are the answers to 4 common LASIK myths.

Myth: You are not put to sleep for LASIK surgery, so it is going to hurt.

Truth: While it’s true that you are not put to sleep for LASIK surgery, there is absolutely no pain. The highly trained experts performing your surgery apply special eye drops that will make your eye completely numb. At most, you may feel a slight pressure for a very short time. If this isn’t enough to relax you, you may be prescribed a mild sedative prior to the operation.

Myth: LASIK is too new to be safe.

Truth: LASIK is over 25 years old, which is an eternity in technological terms. The results have been closely scrutinized, and they have shown that LASIK as an extremely low risk of complication, and most side effects go away or can be further treated. In fact, LASIK is considered one of the safest and most reliable surgeries today. Here in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Carter has been trusted by a large number of NFL stars to perform laser vision correction on them.

Myth: You can be too old for LASIK.

Truth: It’s actually the opposite. The FDA approved age for LASIK is 18 years old and up. This is due to the tendency of the eye to go through drastic changes throughout early life. Once you reach adulthood, your eyesight begins to remain far more consistent. There is no age limit for LASIK surgery, and it is in fact more commonly performed on patients older than 40.

Myth: The effects of LASIK don’t last long.

Truth: Many who choose LASIK enjoy permanent vision improvement. Rarely, some patients may experience a very gradual decline in visual acuity, but the good news is that enhancement surgery can fix those problems!

If you are interested in changing your life with LASIK, come into Carter Eye Center to schedule a consultation. The best way to answer your eyecare questions, is to have them answered by an eyecare professional!


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